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Out-reach Health Education

AVHS believes that education is fundamental in tackling health problems. Our program aims to help people understand the workings of their own bodies, the impact the environment, proper hygiene, sanitation and nutrition have and provides tools to help maintain health. We work with many groups including:
  • schools
  • village women's groups
  • villagers working in Auroville
  • village self help groups
Schools - Today's children are tomorrow's parents. If they learn and practice good health and hygiene skills now they carry this forward to influence their family members and to the next generation. We see schools as the ideal place to teach the fundamentals of health, the environment, hygiene and sanitation. Small groups of school children visit our village clinic daily for these classes as well as our staff presenting to large groups in schools throughout the village network around Auroville. In 2007, we launch a schools sanitation program in government schools. This is happening as preparation for our new project to build toilets in these schools that have none now.

Village women's groups - AVHS offers courses to these groups in personal and kitchen hygiene and the basics of health care. These courses look at how the way we live impacts our health and how once imbalances establish in the body, how to re-establish health including the role of nutrition, natural and herbal medicines and basic allopathic care.

Villagers who help nourish us - This service provides personal hygiene, food safety and kitchen management skills to hundreds of local people employed to help in fifty food facilities in Auroville. An ongoing, on site series of classes presented by Veeramani and Kalaivani covers a program in food safety and prevention of food borne disease.













"A free equality founded
upon spontaneous
cooperation, not on
governmental force and
social compulsion
is the highest anarchic

- Sri Aurobindo '
The Human Cycle