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Auroville Health Services run a health support unit at Morattandi village specializing in preventative health care and education for an estimated population of 2000 villagers. The people who present at our clinic suffer from a variety of illnesses due to poverty and malnutrition; they receive free medical care, food supplementation and health education. The education program addresses the issue of how to stay healthy, as naturally as possible. The centre is staffed by a doctor, and two assistant nurses, six mornings a week. We give services in allopathy, homeopathy and ayurvedic medicine.

Medical care
Muthukumari, Loganayagi, and Doctor Marie Noelle offer a primary medical care service from our health support unit. Most patients are women and children, who present with a variety of medical problems and the vast majority, on their first visit, are anaemic.
The primary health care offered includes physical examination and related history, haemoglobin testing, growth indicators for children, wound dressings and screening takes place for malnutrition, blood pressure and diabetes. We are committed to treating people as naturally as possible, using Ayurvedic, homeopathic and allopathic medicines. We provide supplementation feeding with spirulina which is ongoing until nutrition levels normalise. Through our health education program we endeavour to empower people to understand their bodies and how to maintain in a healthy state.
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"A free equality founded
upon spontaneous
cooperation, not on
governmental force and
social compulsion
is the highest anarchic

- Sri Aurobindo '
The Human Cycle