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Seventy five school children receive spirulina supplementation every day. Spirulina, a natural algae food rich in protein and minerals is given with lemon juice and jaggery to the village kindergarten and primary school children and teachers. Since this program started good improvements have been recorded in nutrition and haemoglobin levels. This healthy treat is much anticipated each day and a wonderful opportunity for daily connections. Supplementation is also offered, at the health clinic, to anaemic patients. During this process education is given on nutritional, low cost foods, their preparation and how to establish good health.

Health education
Our education program addresses how to maintain a healthy body and living environment. Regular classes are conducted with women, youth and children's groups. The sessions are interactive, we encourage inquisitiveness, drawing on existing knowledge and use film, storytelling, slide shows, songs and plenty of dialogues to stimulate interest and educate.

We endeavour to help people take control of their own health. Topics covered include:

  • personal hygiene
  • health and hygiene in the home
  • diet and nutrition, low cost nutritional cookery
  • tips on staying healthy
  • early signs of health imbalance and disease
  • home care and herbal remedies
  • environmental issues - understanding the cycle of pollution, its impacts on our health, waste management and sanitation
  • herbal and medicinal gardening
A herbal garden is being developed with the help of the local women's group. This will provide natural herbs and medicinal plants for home use. Education classes on the many uses and types of local plants are giving people knowledge of freely available, local, home remedies. Wherever possible Auroville health services are committed to educating people to understand and take care of their own health.
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"A free equality founded
upon spontaneous
cooperation, not on
governmental force and
social compulsion
is the highest anarchic

- Sri Aurobindo '
The Human Cycle