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Hygiene and food safety education- Sante Pour Tous
This service provides personal hygiene, food safety and kitchen management skills to hundreds of local people employed to help in fifty food facilities in Auroville. An ongoing, on site series of classes presented by Veeramani and Kalavani covers a program in food safety and prevention of food borne disease. The service helps to increase the food hygiene standards in Auroville and in the villages when workers learn and take the new practices home.
This service runs an annual competition for the most hygienic practices and certification of standards. This annual award recognises and rewards those who work so hard to nourish our community.

Health and food warnings
AVHS channels health and food safety warnings to the community and the surrounding villages through our health care workers, notice-boards and the Auroville news.












"A free equality founded
upon spontaneous
cooperation, not on
governmental force and
social compulsion
is the highest anarchic

- Sri Aurobindo '
The Human Cycle