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The service was started in 2001 by Dr. Beena, she laid the foundation of Auroville health services and dedicated five years to building an effective health care program. Now she has moved on to further challenges but the work continues and we follow in her footsteps.


Health support unit in Morattandi village, offers free medical care and education to a village population of 2000, is run by our hard working team with Marie Noelle (doctor), Muthukumari (assisting nurse and clinic manager) and Loganayagi (assisting nurse).
Our out-reach education program is presented by Veeramani and Kalaivani. They provide hygiene and sanitation training to village schools, women's and self help groups and to hundreds of villagers who also work in Auroville.

AVHS Staff

Veeramani, Alice, Rani, Manfred (l to r back row)
Rebecca, Rita, Muthukumari (l to r front row)
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"A free equality founded
upon spontaneous
cooperation, not on
governmental force and
social compulsion
is the highest anarchic

- Sri Aurobindo '
The Human Cycle